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Dean Professor Peter Woodman In the Faculty of Arts there is a wide variety of courses from which students may select the degree programme of their choice. The special value of an Arts Degree lies in the provision of a broad general education and a training in the liberal arts, with emphasis on literacy, critical analysis and the use of source material whether in the form of books, periodicals, or data obtained by fieldwork and research. You will also find subjects in an Arts degree with a particular vocational orientation such as Applied Psychology, Economics and Music. One of the most valuable skills students get from an Arts degree is a greater ability to learn how to learn. On this foundation they are able to go one to develop further job-specific skills on postgraduate courses and with in-service training. Arts graduates move on to a wide variety of jobs such as: management, journalism, accountancy, tax consultancy, town planning, librarianship, civil service, local government, banking, teaching and so on.
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